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This service and its oriented products only in the form of digital downloads shall be accessed by any student, academician, researcher, teacher, professor, lecturer and/or any other person holding such a functional title in the field of education. The viewing, buying and usage of any such documents made available at the moment or in the future shall be only facilitated by an effective agreement and abiding to the terms and conditions as mentioned here without the exception or failure to include in any circumstances to any person/s or organization/s.

Ownership of Content:

We reserve the right to all content displayed, sold or transmitted through this website, including products, samples and advertising content related to the products displayed here. Various information including title, author or cover photo is used only for the purpose of identification for students using our learning materials and does not in any way assume the sale of materials Display in digital or physical format. The designs, logos, patterns and concepts related to this website are displayed and inherently considered as our property and cannot be used by any third party without permission from above. .

Rights of Usage:

Any and all materials downloaded from this site or received from us are for personal use only in any case regardless of the buyer’s nature. The resell, redistribution or remodeling of content with or without money generated will be strictly prohibited and due to legal action that will occur when such discrepancy is discovered.

Although customers who pay for a specific digital content may own and use the downloaded material indefinitely from the time of download, strict adherence to academic or government regulations. Their current acts are the sole responsibility of the customer and we will not be responsible for any claims from customers or enforcement agencies that are any part of material-based offenses if any. any commitment by the customer.

Terms of Payment

The one-time purchase price as mentioned and displayed on the product page will be charged for product download and there will be no additional costs, rents or any maintenance or membership fees charged to guests. goods at any time. Each product is sold individually and any and all offers, taxes, package reductions, etc .; at our sole discretion.

Withdrawal of promotions, offers or taxes will be made in our sole discretion with a clear display of the final price of the product during purchase to display if similarly applied.

Providing any payment information to the website or its employees including Credit/Debit Card numbers, banking information or any payment gateway logins is strictly prohibited to all customers through any medium of communication. The only process of payment shall take place through the payment gateways in use and the appropriate measures shall be ensured to redirect the customers to the said secure pages during the payment process.

Refund Policy

We strive to achieve a zero refund through a complete and complete purchase and verification system, as follows. We have enough checkpoints to ensure that the product is verified from all possible specifications before purchasing. All our products are digital downloads and therefore cannot be returned. However, on our side, an extreme case due to human error or technical error will be handled internally between our leveraged customer support via E-mail or Live Chat. and handle it in a friendly, case-by-case manner. We refund the money without hassle only if our listings are incorrect.


Any disputes pertaining to issues raised within the above terms abiding shall be dealt with based on the respective courts of law per the filing and ensuing of the second party of the dispute.